Peter Scholl

Peter Scholl is an associate professor at Aarhus University in Denmark. His research is mainly focused on secure computation, particularly in designing efficient, general-purpose protocols for multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proofs, and other cryptographic tools. He obtained his PhD from the University of Bristol.

Daniel Kang

Daniel Kang is an assistant professor at UIUC, where he started after his PhD at Stanford University. At UIUC, he focuses on real-world ML deployments, including auditing ML with zero-knowledge proofs. His work has been deployed at autonomous vehicle companies and to help ecologists to analyze microcosms. Daniel’s research is supported by the Open Philanthropy project, Google, and the NSF.

Kimberlee Model

Kimberlee Model is a Research Software Engineer at Stealth, since she joined the company in 2019. At Stealth, she develops software tools and libraries in support of cryptography and other research. Prior to joining Stealth, Kimee co-oped/interned at Lockheed Martin, developing CI and related tools for the AEGIS program, and at the US Naval Air Warfare Center supporting Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE). Her interests lie in programming languages, software tools and testing, and zero trust architectures. Ms. Model received her BS in Computer Science from Drexel University in 2020. Outside of work, she can often be found riding and wrenching her collection of vintage bicycles.

James Parker

Research Engineer, Galois

James Parker is a Research Engineer at Galois with a background in programming languages and formal methods. His research spans guaranteeing the security and correctness of distributed systems, advancing secure computation, verifying information flow control mechanisms, and studying secure development practices. James earned his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Maryland.

Ying Tong Lai

Research Associate, Geometry

Ying Tong is an applied cryptographer at Geometry Research, researching zero-knowledge proofs and other privacy-enhancing technology. She is also a maintainer of halo2, a zero-knowledge proof library used in projects such as Anoma, Axiom, and Scroll. Previously, she contributed to the Zcash and Ethereum projects as an engineer.

Mary Maller

Cryptography Researcher, Ethereum Foundation

Mary Maller is a cryptography researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. She is generally interested in public key cryptography, with a focus on the design of trusted setup ceremonies. Much of her research has looked into the design of ceremonies for zero-knowledge proofs. More recently she has been looking into distributed key generation. Her PhD was obtained while studying at University College London and was on practical zero-knowledge arguments from structured reference strings.

Jonathan Rouach

Executive Director,

CEO and co-Founder, QEDIT

Jonathan S. Rouach is the co-founder and CEO of QEDIT, helping enterprises leverage their data using Privacy Enhancing Techniques such as Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Before that, he co-founded a blockchain security company (sold to Digital Asset Holding), co-founded the Israeli Bitcoin Association , and co-founded Bits of Gold LTD, the leading Bitcoin exchange in Israel. Jonathan is an Electrical-Engineer from the Technion, served as an analyst in the Israeli Intelligence.