Scaling Trustless DNN Inference, zkml applications at by Daniel Kang

Daniel Kang gave a comprehensive overview of the current capabilities of zero-knowledge proofs for machine learning (ZKML), clearly explaining what types of models like ImageNet,…

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ZKPs and Post-Quantum Signatures From VOLE-in-the-Head at by Peter Scholl

Peter presented the FAEST signature scheme, which achieves similar performance to hash-based signatures under only AES security, and provides post-quantum signatures under 5KB and…

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Lessons from DARPA SIEVE at by James Parker & Kimberlee Model

James and Kimberlee clearly explained the SIEVE IR, a collaborative specification enabling interoperability between frontends and backends. They invited the community to learn…

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Recursive Proof Composition at by Ying Tong Lai

Ying Tong Lai delivered an illuminating presentation that advanced understanding of recursive proof composition, clearly explaining techniques like folding schemes, highlighting…

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The Plonk Effort at by Mary Maller

Mary Maller's overview of the modular approach to specifying Plonk. In this talk, Mary clearly explained the components of the forming standard and rationale.

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Sangria: a Folding Scheme for PLONK

In this technical note we present Sangria, a Nova-style folding scheme for the PLONK arithmetization. In the same way that Nova introduces “relaxed R1CS”, the main ingredient in…

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Announcing the Expert Series Webinar on Zero-Knowledge Proofs

ZKProof has joined forces with leading organizations in our ecosystem to launch a new webinar series. With the aim of making Zero-Knowledge Proof technology more accessible to new…

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