ZKProof at Zcon0

On June 27th, 2018, there was a follow-up to the 1st ZKProof Standards Workshop at the Zcon0 conference. You can find the notes of the workshop here.

Workshop participants

There were three main parts to the discussion:

  1. An overview of the work done at the 1st ZKProof Standards Workshop. We briefly discussed some extensions to the documents, which are now online.
  2. A round-table discussion about trusting the technology. Mainly, there is a gap between the technical people that trust ZKPs because they understand the math and the non-technical who trust the technical people.
  3. An informal panel about the issues around building ZKP (mainly SNARK) front-ends. Currently, developers would benefit from a standard that would make different libraries interoperable.

We encourage researchers, developers, practitioners, businessmen and women, and others to join us, get involved and contribute to the effort.