Orly Grinfeld

Mrs. Orly Grinfeld spent the last 5 years as an Executive Vice President and Head of Clearing of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. She also serves as the CEO of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Clearing House (TASECH), Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Derivative Clearing House (MAOF) and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Nominee Company (TASENC) – a fully owned subsidiaries that deals with registration, Clearing, Settlement, Custody and operation of securities and derivatives traded on Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. Mrs. Grinfeld also holds 15 years of experience in business and financial risk management, serving as the Chief Risk Officer of Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Chief Risk Officer of Israel Railways, and the Head of Business Risks Department of Ernst & Young Israel. She holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Ben-Gurion University and Bachelor of Administration (BA) from Tel Aviv University.

Omer Shlomovits

Omer is the CEO of Ingonyama, a ZK hardware company

Mary Maller

Cryptography Researcher, Ethereum Foundation

Mary Maller is a cryptography researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. She is generally interested in public key cryptography, with a focus on the design of trusted setup ceremonies. Much of her research has looked into the design of ceremonies for zero-knowledge proofs. More recently she has been looking into distributed key generation. Her PhD was obtained while studying at University College London and was on practical zero-knowledge arguments from structured reference strings.

Justin Thaler

Assistant Professor, Georgetown University


Justin Thaler has been an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University since 2016. Prior to joining Georgetown, he spent two years as a Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs in New York, and before that he was a Research Fellow at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at UC Berkeley. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2013. His research interests include algorithms for massive data sets, quantum computing, cryptography, and complexity theory. His work has been recognized with a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation.

Jonathan Rouach

Executive Director, ZKProof.org

CEO and co-Founder, QEDIT

Jonathan S. Rouach is the co-founder and CEO of QEDIT, helping enterprises leverage their data using Privacy Enhancing Techniques such as Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Before that, he co-founded a blockchain security company (sold to Digital Asset Holding), co-founded the Israeli Bitcoin Association , and co-founded Bits of Gold LTD, the leading Bitcoin exchange in Israel. Jonathan is an Electrical-Engineer from the Technion, served as an analyst in the Israeli Intelligence.