Samantha Stein

Chief Strategy Officer at QEDIT & Artist at Wombkind

Samantha is a polymath who wields her pen, paintbrush, computer code, and nonlinear mind across different mediums to build a safe, sovereign, and sacred world.

Samantha stays awake at night thinking about how data is one of the most harmful or helpful resources on the planet depending on how we wield it. As the Chief Strategy Officer at QEDIT, she focuses on the use of advance cryptographic methods to reduce data burdens, verify information with certainty, and ensure that our data keeps us safe, sovereign, and enlightened. Samantha is a seasoned entrepreneur, business advisor and media expert. Prior to joining QEDIT, she was named a Curator, Global Shaper, and Media Leader for the World Economic Forum, and served as the Director of Special Projects at TechCrunch.

Samantha dedicates her time advising startups primarily to underrepresented entrepreneurs. Inclusivity starts at the point of vision, access, and design.  She was named a WEF Media Leader and is also a contributor to Forbes.

Her award-winning art, shown recently during Art Basel Miami 2019, and the WEF Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos, focuses on the intersection of technology and consciousness. It is a commentary on the Darwinian nature of mindfulness in a world where technology is designed to manipulate our subconscious mind and daily behaviors. The use of gradient color grounds the observer in their somatic experience, reconnecting the mind and body. Grit Daily recently named her, “Emerging Artist of the Year.”

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