Mariana Gomez de la Villa

Distributed Ledger Technology Program Director, ING

Mariana Gomez de la Villa has joined ING in 2015 and is currently the Distributed Ledger
Technology Program Director at ING, with overall responsibility for driving research,
development and implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology as well as
capitalizing on its potential in order to unlock mass-scale value.
Under Mariana’s leadership, the Blockchain program has delivered over 44 proofs of
concept and 8 live pilots in collaboration with the following business areas: payments,
trade finance and working capital solutions, financial markets, post-trade, bank treasury,
lending, compliance and identity.
Mariana is also responsible for setting up long-term purpose and vision, including the
governance of the program within ING globally. Mariana is an active leader in global
consortia, outlining the Distributed Ledger Technology strategy and envisioning market
Mariana’s accountabilities include the definition of products, services and business
models, as well as foresight to business, technology, leadership communities and
international stakeholders, including regulators.

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