Charles Hoskinson

CEO and Founder, IOHK

Mathematician, cryptographer serial entrepreneur and leading industry commentator,
Charles Hoskinson has been involved in the world or blockchain and cryptocurrencies since
the early days of bitcoin.
A visionary and pioneer in the development of blockchain technology since the industry’s
formative times, Charles Hoskinson remains at the cutting edge of the industry.
Founder of three blockchain-focussed startups, Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK,
he was also the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee, as well
as establishing the Bitcoin Research Group.
Founder and former CEO of the world’s first ‘second generation’ blockchain platform,
Ethereum, Hoskinson is co-founder and current CEO of the world’s leading blockchain
engineering company, IOHK – a company focussed on the next generation of blockchain
systems, designed to underpin all the world’s future financial and transactional needs,
supporting all current and future means of financial exchange, on a global scale.
Hoskinson stands almost alone amongst the leading figures in the blockchain industry,
through his particular focus on the utility benefits of blockchain technology, rather that the
opportunities the technology provides for asset speculation via cryptocurrencies. That focus
sees IOHK currently working with governments and organisations in the developing world,
where the benefits of the technology can be particularly profound. Currently, IOHK is working
in Ethiopia, Uganda, Mongolia and the Republic of Georgia, in pursuit of those ideals, where
the company’s technology is allowing governments and organisations to deliver convenience
to citizens by digitizing the provision of government services, providing accurate recording of
transactions, whether for payment of government services or accurate monitoring of
production supply chains.
Via the Hoskinson Consulting Group, Charles is a consultant to many of the industry’s
leading corporations, including Endor and Polymath.

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