The ZKProof Steering Committee is happy to announce the 5th ZKProof Workshop, to be hosted in Tel Aviv in November 15-17.

The goals of the ZKProof initiative are to promote the standardization of zero-knowledge proof cryptography and to increase the engagement of companies and researchers worldwide. We are aware that a virtual event limits the personal interaction that is desirable for strengthening any community, especially in the cryptography community, which benefits greatly from these interactions.

We will focus on productive interactions and the high-quality discussions, strive to make the workshop accessible and enable even more community members to take an active role in the standardization initiative. We strongly encourage everyone to join us in every session, because we value community participation and many of the discussions will continue from one session to another. Furthermore, we are hosting networking sessions throughout the event where you will be able to meet your peers, have tea with a friend, and more.

Where to sleep?

The workshop will take place at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, next to Rothschild boulevard, the area called “Lev Hair,” meaning “The heart of the city.”

Most of the hotels in Neve Zedek, Rotchild boulevard, and the rest of the area will be a good choice if you are looking for accommodation in the venue area. Here are some of the hotels we like at different price levels

Hotel 65– Atlass Hotels, boutique hotel on Rothchild bulevard

Fabric Hotel – an Atlas Boutique Hotel

Ruby – Small, minimalist, quiet, and beautiful boutique hotel (no breakfast option).

Selina Tel Aviv Beach– a lovely hostel with various accommodation options. It is located next to the beach and features a young atmosphere and an amazing rooftop.

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Important Information

Dates: November 15th – 17th
Registration: Now open!
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Schedule: See here

Note that virtual participants do not need to register

Info for Registered Participants

Welcome to the 5th ZKProof Workshop!

  • Talks will be recorded and streamed live on our Youtube Channel
  • Discussions will not be recorded, to enable an open dialogue and ensure the privacy of participants, based on Chatham House rules
  • The community forum and our Telegram group for online communication and chats
  • Collaborative tools for simultaneous work: (1) hackmd for writing and note-taking; (2) Miro for visuals and diagrams

Invited Speakers


Day 1 - 15th NovemberLive Stream

Day 2 - 16th NovemberLive Stream

Day 3 - 17th NovemberLive Stream

Accepted Submissions

Tutorial Workshops

  • Tutorial: Attacks on Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems – Anna Kaplan (Least Authority)
  • Tutorial: Designing ZK Application Protocols, Hands-On – TBD (QEDIT)

Applications of ZK

  • UnTraceable Transactions (UTT) with Accountable Privacy and Technological Experimentation with the Bank of Israel – Ittai Abrahamm (VMware)
  • FROMAGER – A Scalable Toolchain for Complex ZK Proofs About Software – James Parker (Galois, Inc)
  • Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning – Jason Morton (ZKonduit / 0xPARC)
  • ZK-WASM: A ZK Virtual Machine that Supports WebAssembly – Gao Sinka (DelphinusLab)

ZK Primitives

  • Succinct Zero-Knowledge Batch Proofs for Set Accumulators – Hyunok Oh (Hanyang university and Zkrypto Inc.)
  • Curve Trees: Practical and Transparent Zero-Knowledge Accumulators – Simon Holmgaard Kamp (Aarhus University)

Developer Tooling

  • Building Functional Commitments: the Benefits of Implementing and Optimizing at the Polynomial Level – Andrija Novakovic (Geometry)
  • Anemoi and Jive: New Arithmetization-Oriented tools for Plonk-based applications – Clémence Bouvier (Sorbonne University and Inria, France)

Domain Specific Language

  • ZK-SecreC: a Domain-Specific Language for Zero-Knowledge Proofs – Raul-Martin Rebane (Cybernetica AS)
  • A Zero-Knowledge Circuit for the Lurk language – Eduardo Morais (Protocol Labs)
  • cirgen: MLIR based compiler for zk-STARK circuit generation – Frank Laub (RISC Zero, Inc)

Concrete Schemes

  • aPlonK: Aggregated PlonK from Multi-Polynomial Commitment Schemes – Marc Beunardeau and Miguel Ambrona (Nomadic Labs)
  • Groth16 still Lives: Exploring the Tradeoffs of Modern ZKProof Systems – François Garillot (Mysten Labs)
  • Simulation-extractability of zkSNARKs – Michał Zajac (Nethermind)
  • Counting Vampires: From Univariate Sumcheck to Updatable ZK-SNARK – Janno Siim (Simula UiB), Michal Zajac (Nethermind)

Standardization Discussions

  • PLONK: IOP, Polynomial Commitment and Arithemtization Language – Jack Grigg (Electric Coin Company)
  • Composition of Proof Systems – Ying Tong (Electric Coin Company, 0xPARC)
  • A Draft Standard Specification for Σ-Protocols – Michele Orrù (UC Berkeley), Stephan Krenn (AIT)

Submissions are no longer being accepted.

Call for Contributed Talks

The event will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel

We thank our Location Partners

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Ahuzat Bayit St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Bits of Gold and the Bitcoin Embassy: Ahuzat Bayit St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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