General documents

  1. Here is the ZKProof Charter
  2. Here is the ZKProof Code of Conduct

1st ZKProof Standards Workshop

The goal of the first workshop is to produce a series of documents that will create a framework and set the path for a formal standard of Zero Knowledge Proofs. The following table contains links to the different documents. We have established a concrete method for the broader community to contribute to the documents and the standard in general.

  1. The working copy of each document is maintained as a public Google Doc, where anyone can leave comments and suggest revisions. These will be addressed and resolved by the responsible editors (initially: the track chairs from the The 1st ZKProof Standards Workshop).
  2. The editors will occasionally create a stable snapshot of the working document and post it as a PDF file, linked from the table below. They will also mark this version as a named revision in the Google Doc working copy.
  3. Major changes and major ongoing contributions will be listed and credit by the editors in the Change Log section at the end of the document.
Document Version Security Track Implementation Track Applications Track
Working copy Proceedings Proceedings Proceedings
Snapshot 2018-08-01 PDF PDF PDF
Snapshot TBD

We want to emphasize that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS. We would appreciate very much your feedback on the document so you can also email us at [email protected] or submit a github issue on the documents here.

ZKProof at Zcon0

There was a follow-up session to the first workshop at Zcon0. The output was a set of notes to be considered for the next workshop.

  1. Here are the ZKProof at Zcon0 notes.

We encourage researchers, developers, practitioners, businessmen and women, and others to join us, get involved and contribute to the effort.


Please use the following BibTex entries when citing the proceedings.